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Linear Systems (Money Problems)

  1. 1
    A vending machine that only accepts dimes and quarters contains 36 coins totaling \($7.20\). How many of each coin does the machine contain?
  2. 2
    Adeline has \($250.00\) made up of \($5.00\) and \($10.00\) bills. If there are 30 bills altogether, then how many of each type does she have?
  3. 3
    A car wash cleans cars for \($9.50\) each and trucks for \($15.00\) each. If there was a total of 75 vehicles, and the total cash collected was \($811.50\), then how many of each vehicle was washed?
  4. 4
    Ray has 5 more dimes than nickels. If the sum of the coins is \($3.05\), the how many of each coin does he have?
  5. 5
    Talia has twice as many dimes as quarters. All together they total \($5.85\). How many of each coin does she have?
  6. 6
    A school ordered a total of 95 math and science books for a total bill of \($8075.00\). If a math book costs \($75.00\), and a science book costs \($100.00\), how many of each text did the school order?
  7. 7
    A box contains 25 pencils and pens. If the pencils are worth \($1.00\) and the pens are worth \($2.00\), then how many of each are there if the total value of the pencils and pens is \($45.00\)?
  8. 8
    There are 8 more \($5.00\) bills than \($10.00\) bills. The value of the bills is \($310.00\). How many of each bill are there?
  9. 9
    Cecilia has twice as many nickels as quarters. She has a total of \($1.40\). How many of each coin does she have?
  10. 10
    Julia sold three times as many student tickets as adult tickets. She made a total of \($330.00\). If student tickets cost \($2.00\), and adult tickets cost \($5.00\), how many of each ticket did she sell?