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Similar Triangles

  1. 1
    (Introductory trigonometry / trig )

    Find the values of $x$ and $y$.figure
  2. 2
    Solve for the unknown values.figure
  3. 3
    Find $a$ and $b$ to the nearest tenth.figure
  4. 4
    Find $p$ and $q$.figure
  5. 5
    Solve for $x$.figure
  6. 6
    Find $y$.figure
  7. 7
    Solve for $z$.figure
  8. 8
    Given $\Delta ABC$ ~ $\Delta DEF$, and the area of $\Delta ABC$ is $20cm^2$.
    Find the area of $\Delta DEF$.figure
  9. 9
    Given $\Delta BCD$ ~ $\Delta EFG$, and the area of $\Delta EFG$ is $80cm^2$.
    Find the area of $\Delta BCD$.figure